Friday, 3 July 2015


Few Events at the Makeover 2104:

All 10 Makeover teams will participate in MAKEOVER KITE FLYING FESTIVAL (PATANG FESTIVAL) on Sunday the 9th Feb 2014 at 7 am on the Bavdhan hills followed by indian games like LAGORI, GOTYA and VITTY DANDU, Teams will get their own Kites and Manja will be of your team colours. Total duration of event approx 3 hours. This was just a recreation event which helped us bond better

Sunday 2nd March- Triathlon but each guy to do only one event.
a team of 9 people for 3 events. So 3 participants per event and One female in each event.
Each event Cycling 10 kms per person, swimming 10 laps per person thats 250 kms and running  5 kms each

Treasure Hunt

Each team were given clues and a minimum of 10 people had to reach the next clue by foot. And from there the next one and then finish back to Pyc. So with such different variations and team events it was exciting and fitness was also taken care of. The next tests were coming in and in those tests my results were good. All parameters were excellent. My weight had come down to 100.5 kgs.

Running Event

Simultaneously i started to run little longer. One day i was running on the Gym ground and did 8.5 kms. That was my highest till then. In march we had a running event. 10 kms to be run by every member. The first 10 members of each teams timings would be added and then it would decide on the winning team. I had done 8.5 kms few days back but was tensed how i would complete. It wasn't a easy route. I was surprised that i completed it non stop and that too in a good time of 60 mins. At the end of the makeover on 31st March 2014 i weighed 96.3. I had cut down by 13.6 kgs. I was a completely changed person. 11th April was the prize distribution of the makeover with a cultural program where every team would do an act or a dance. I did shake a leg on stage which was a great boost for me. I also won the highest weight loss award. It was a memorable evening.

Next day morning i went to the gym at my routine time and asked MG sir, Makeover is done. What next?? Sir said I should do a Half Marathon (21.1 kms) and train for that. I said its too much.. I just did my max of 10 kms. Sir said few members are keen and he is customising a training plan. I wasn’t sure, but said lets try.