Friday, 5 December 2014


MG personally worked on every members workout. A workout plan was designed for each one. i received my email on 8th Jan-2014. A nutritionist was available for few days so that we could get a proper diet for the event. I wasn't too keen on the nutritionist as i was happy with my current dietitian. But still i did visit her and shared my current diet. She was pretty happy with what i was doing. I had never been seriously going to the gym.

My work out plan was as follows:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday - Gymnasium and on
Tuesday & Thursday - Cardio Activity
Saturday - Group Batch. (Yoga, Floor batches like stretching, strengthening, Abdominal, Ground activities, Military Circuit and things like that. All these things were too interesting and very different form of workout.
Here the energy was completely different. All were focused on health and only health. Serious workouts. MG would always be around and ensure that people are working out. GAPPA NAKA MARU (don't just chit chat. :). All the instructors would also be alert.
MG would ask, what are you doing today?? he would make out that one's not in a mood to workout, then he would give a different exercise. Like one day i was bored for the cross-trainer. He said today do 36 surya namaskars. Now i had earlier done them during my Yoga at home, but they were 12 to 16. But that day i realised that i could do 36. He showed that if u are training well you can achieve new heights. It’s always that you need that someone who would tell you that you can do it. MG is the man who showed me that I have the potential and that I should have focus on achieving that.

There were various events organised for the Makeover.

team meeting on 12 jan. our team had around 20 members
all our results would be uploaded online after the end of every months tests.
first event was a cross country. first 10 people who would finish of one team get the max points.
first tests at jan end. Last 3 days of the month end we had to give the tests. it felt like it was like the exams in college.

at the end of the First Month at Jan i was down by more 6 kgs. So at end of Jan i weighed 104 Kgs.