Thursday, 16 October 2014

4. ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER !!! lets start somewhere

So the next morning I pulled up my socks, put on my sports shoes, shorts n tee and off for a walk. I started with a kilometre, of which i felt good at least to start. Few days i started going regularly with my morning walks. Well, with no exercise for many years walking also felt like a great activity. I did get up early mornings and moved out of the house. With no serious Diet I continued my walks. Slowly in a month I started walking for 45mins and would cover 3 kilometers.

To my surprise I managed to be off booze completely. I use to accompany my friends for their evening drinks, but would have a juice. I knew that a drink would not harm me. I was a heavy drinker and after 3-4 large drinks I would get a feel of it. So i thought what's the point in having a drink if its not gonna give me a kick. My friends would offer me which i used to refuse (was too too tempting). No one forced me. They all accepted my decision of quitting and supported me. In the new house I had a lovely bar, where I had  a pretty good collection of whiskeys, rum, vodkas across the world. All was set for near n dear ones, but i myself could not enjoy it. All my friends love the bar and would enjoy drinking there. I am the bartender at Nirvana...

!!! Every Friday I would be updating My Health Journey..!!!