Thursday, 9 October 2014


Now this was too damn scary. At 34 how can I have health issues? My daughter has not even started going to school. During all this my wife Anjali knew exactly everything as she was with me during my doctors visit. So i decided I will start losing weight. But how… was the million Dollar question. I decided to quit drinks. Well from inside i knew i wouldn’t be able to hold on to that decision.

I had earlier lost 22 kilos (107 kgs to 85 kgs) at age of 17. That was with aerobics, gym and running a max of 2-3 kms. Well that weight also came back after few years. Then at the time of my wedding at 26  i lost 15 kilos (117 to 102). So i knew i had done some good weight loss in the past. But now things were different. I had my right knee injured during a road accident on the bike in 1995. Carrying so much of weight all my life would have made my knee joints more weak, damaged and obviously injury prone too. With so much weight i had back pain. While sitting and getting out of a chair would also be very painful. So i had to ensure that I take it easy, but seriously i had to do something outstanding. Didn't know what target should be set for my weight. My doc said that for my height of 6 feet i needed to be around 85 kgs. Well that looked like a huge mountain where the target flag was not visible from where I was.... So where to start and how???

!!! Every Friday I would be updating My Health Journey..!!!