Friday, 24 October 2014


(Arun, me n Amit- Thanks guys for your support)
I used to weigh myself everyday. October 2012 I was 125 kgs. So i was around 6 kgs down in 3 months. Slowly I realised that company would be great for walking. My wife Anjali would be busy getting our kid Sara ready for her nursery school. She would later go for a walk after 8 am once Sara was on the bus. I had to catch up with work around 10 am so had to go early around 6:30. So i thought of getting a few friends walking. Arun Gupta (left of mickey in pic) was in and was keen to join. I didn't ask him earlier because he lived in pcmc area, which is 8 kms from the university area where i stay. Arun had gym on alternate days. So thrice a week i had company. Amit Gandhi (right of me in pic) also joined us. Now i had company too. I got a Yoga tutor at home for the other 3 days. So alternate days walk and Yoga.  From November I started yoga. On 5th November 2012 i was 123 kgs.

All continued well. Since i was not following any diet, there was no change in my weight for the next 10 months with walking and Yoga. The best achievement so far was that I was off booze completely. Now it was time to meet a good Nutritionist for better results. I had visited one earlier but couldn't follow.

!!! Every Friday I would be updating My Health Journey..!!!