Thursday, 13 November 2014


October 6th 2013, was a marathon organised by Pune running called "Running Beyond Myself". Me, Mukesh and Arun registered for the Marathon. I had never done a single run ever, hence I registered for 3 kms. I was excited to run my first marathon.
On the race day at 6 am I reached and saw that both my friends Arun and Mukesh had registered for 5 kms. Since it was I charity run I asked if I could join my friends and I was allowed. I had never done 3k. I could not run the entire 5k. First 3k I did manage to run. Later I walked a bit and again ran till the finish line. I was amazed that I finished 5 kms in roughly 37 mins. It was a amazing feeling and a great achievement. 

In the pic Arun, Mukesh, me and Ashwin

 was now Hungry for more......