Friday, 7 November 2014


Meanwhile, I was gifted a Jawbone UP by my friend Atul Goel. The Jawbone was a small device, which would fit on the wrist. It was a sleek funky band. It would count on how many steps one would walk. It would also give a amazing analysis on sleep. It would show right from how many hours of deep sleep to light sleep. The target goals was to walk 10,000 steps and eight hours of sleep. This device gave me the main boost towards exercise, which was needed. If I was short of completing my steps, I would  go for a walk in the evening just to complete my target. It would sync with my phone and update me on my stats.

On the phone I started using Run Keeper for my walking. This app gave me the push towards walking more and getting speed. Slowly, we were a group of four friends. Amit and Pavan also joined me and Arun. In my group we have more than 10 friends with Jawbone’s. We use to encourage each other, push, boost and applaud on performances. Every 15 days I would visit the dietitian and she would analyse my results and accordingly make changes to my food. This jawbone was the key. I was totally hooked on to that. The main target was to complete 10k steps, come what may.

On 2nd December 2013, I was 112 kgs. So in 3 months I had lost 11 kgs with a diet plan given by Dynanada Chitale. To compliment to my Golf and morning walks. In total it was from 131.5 to 112 that’s like 19.5 kgs.

Every friday I will update this blog," My Health Journey"